Congratulations, you have secured an interview. 

From deciding what to wear to what questions to ask, spending time on interview preparation is essential if you are going to impress the interviewer & secure your dream job.  Please allow us to calm your nerves with this advice & provide you with some helpful hints & tips

  • Research the company – understand the nature of the business as the interviewer will ask what you know about them. Let them know that you have been on their website & conducted some research.
  • Job description – familiarise yourself with the job specification as this is your chance to sell yourself on your skills & experience, which is relevant to what the interviewer is looking for.
  • Prepare questions – take more than you think as a lot of them may well be covered during the interview.  Do not talk about salary or benefits unless the interviewer asks.
  • CV – take 2-3 copies to the interview as the client may have mislaid or forgotten to bring them & it will look impressive if you can hand them a copy.  Also take the interview confirmation, job details & your questions. Keep your documents in a folder & not crumpled up in a bag or pocket. Also, take a pad & pen to take notes during the interview.
  • Smart business attire – this is an absolute must as 1st impressions certainly count. Do not smoke before the interview & ensure that you are very well presented.
  • Eat – ensure you have eaten prior to the interview as you will perform & concentrate better. It might seem like a strange thing to mention but it would be embarrassing to have a rumbling tummy in the interview!
  • Plan ahead – allow plenty of time & plan your journey.  Arrive 5-10 minutes early & if you are driving then please ask your Consultant about parking facilities. If you are travelling by train, then ensure that you catch one that will get you there in time without having to rush – trains may be delayed so catch the one before that.
  • Body language – exhibit positive posture & body language throughout the interview… is important to not slouch or fidget.  Maintain eye contact, shake hands firmly, don’t fold your arms &……SMILE!
  • Positivity – do not provide negative information or criticise previous employers.
  • Expand on your answers – never respond with just a “Yes” or “No” answer.  Interviewers will ask scenario questions as they want to know how you handle situations, so be prepared to provide examples. However, keep your answers relevant & concise – don’t waffle!
  • End of interview – at the end of the interview, if there is anything that you would like to say that hasn’t been covered then don’t feel afraid to mention this. Ensure you leave the interview with the knowledge that the interviewer understands the benefits of employing you.