No-one can deny that it has been an exceptionally difficult 18 months for job seekers everywhere & even more so for young people looking for entry-level positions. Where some industries would naturally recruit for School, College & Uni leavers, the opportunities have not always been there due to a downturn in business.

However, it has been encouraging to read in recent publications the companies who are recruiting for Apprentices & Graduates: BT Group announced plans to recruit up to 230 Apprentices & 200 Graduates for its intake this September; Thames Water plan to recruit 1,000+ people in 2021; BAE Systems are hiring 1,250+ trainees this year & Jaguar Land Rover are looking for up to 300 new Apprentices, Undergraduates & Graduates for their intake this September.

I recently had the pleasure in placing a lovely candidate in a Trainee Administration role. She was focused on starting an office career after leaving College & was looking for a ‘foot in the door’ opportunity. We discussed her transferrable skills, College grades, IT knowledge & achievements & spent time highlighting her compatibility & strengths for the role. I am pleased to say that she had a great interview, got the position & is doing exceptionally well.  For me, it is so thrilling to place a candidate in their first job as this is the base that they will use to move onwards & upwards in their career. I hope in a few years that she will be back in contact with me as a Hiring Manager recruiting for her own staff.

We know how hard it can be to put a CV together when you do not have solid work experience behind you however, we have a few tips:

Transferrable Skills – Underrated & needs to be highlighted…never underestimate what you achieved through your studies. Were you focused & dedicated to the assignment you needed to hand in on time? – that’s time management, organisational skills & working to deadlines? Did you do a group presentation of your work? – this requires confidence & excellent communication skills whilst working under pressure.

Hobbies & Interests – not required on all CV’s however this will give your prospective employer an insight into your personality & if your interests are relevant to the role then this will make you stand out from the crowd

Use the job description – Read it thoroughly & sell yourself on the points that the employer is looking for. Use keywords from the specification in your CV as these will jump out to the employer & make you stand out

Be honest – Do not lie or exaggerate on your CV regarding work experience or grades. Honesty is always the best policy

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