No-one can deny that it has been a tough year for everyone – in business, personally, home-schooling, not being able to see family or friends & spinning as many plates as you can in this Covid-19 era.

There has been a lot happening over the past 12 months & I for one want to ensure that we see this year out with some positivity whilst dipping our toe into 2021.

Yesterday, I was looking at my LinkedIn feed, as I do every day, & I started reading a post from Ryan Askew the MD at, a local company, Premier Print & Promotions. He had mentioned that they were not sending Christmas gifts this year or cards & were not even having a Christmas party, but instead they were giving away £2.50 to each person who filled in a form – what’s the catch you ask! That’s exactly what I was thinking…..I read on & absolutely loved their idea of bringing a smile to someone by just simply giving this money away. They are doing this so you can make somebody smile – treat someone to a coffee…buy the person behind you at the checkout a bar of chocolate…give someone a bunch of flowers – they don’t care what you do with it, but they just want you to spread a little love, make others feel good & deliver a few smiles along the way.

Well, Ryan had me at ‘make someone smile’ – I was hooked & totally onboard – I filled in the form & was sent my £2.50.  I thought about who I should gift it to, who I wanted to make smile today & one person sprang to my mind.

Local to CSG Personnel, there is a gentleman by the name of Tony Rymill – the name might not mean anything to you however he is quite the local celebrity. He is a Designer & Builder by trade & after such a lovely conversation with him this afternoon, I got to know him well & what a wonderful & colourful CV & background he has.  Tony has recently appeared on the local news due to his impressive Christmas creation at his home & he has been known in the village for some years for his equally impressive Halloween displays.

Tony brings absolute joy & brightness to the village & the children love to see the lights & marvel at his creations (btw, he made the Father Christmas himself out of polystyrene & pretty much everything else)

In a year of lots of doom & gloom, Tony was our 1st choice to gift to, make him smile & say thanks for the positivity & festive cheer – enjoy the biccies with a cuppa.

Tony, you are a star & we are so pleased we made you smile today.

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